Dual Citizenship

Please note: Form BI-529 must be submitted with all applications.
Copies of the documents and sworn affidavit should be certified by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths only.

Retention of South African Citizenship. (Processing time 1 month)

Exemption in Terms of Section 6(2).

It is important to apply for Retention before acquiring Foreign Citizenship or you will loose your status as a South African Citizen. Minors under the age of 18 do not need to apply as they do not loose SA citizenship by acquiring a foreign citizenship whilst being minors.  Make sure you have received your retention certificate before attending the swearing in ceremony. 

This exemption is applicable to South African citizens who have not yet acquired the citizenship of another country but who are contemlating of becoming one or in the process of obtaining one. This exemption will enable them to become a citizen of another country without losing their South African citizenship.


Exemption from the loss of South African Citizenship. (Processing time 1 month)

Exemption in Terms of Section 26(4):

Please Note:

If you were under 18 at the time you acquired foreign citizenship you never lost your SA citizenship and do not need to apply.
South African citizens who lost their South African citizenship through formal acquisition of another citizenship whilst no longer a minor (18 years and older) and without applying for retention prior to becoming a citizen of another country, may apply for exemption from the loss of their South African citizenship as long as they have acquired the other citizenship before October 6, 1995.


  • Completed form BI-1666
  • Completed form BI-529
  • Certified copy of a foreign citizenship certificate showing the exact date of foreign citizenship acquisition
  • Certified copy of a South African ID or a passport
  • Certified copy of a South African birth certificate
  • Money order for CAN $41 per applicant made to the South African High Commission in Ottawa or Consulate General in Toronto
  • Pre-paid self-addressed A4 size envelope.