Population: 57,7 million (June 2018 estimate).  Exchange rate: 1 CAD = 11.42 ZAR (21 August 2019).  Official Languages: 11.  Landmass: 1 233 404 km².   GDP Rank: 37 th (2016, World Bank).
Population: 57,7 million (June 2018 estimate).  Exchange rate: 1 CAD = 11.42 ZAR (21 August 2019).  Official Languages: 11.  Landmass: 1 233 404 km².   GDP Rank: 37 th (2016, World Bank).

Visitor visa for less than 90 days stay

For less than 90 days stay, use form DHA-84 and complete in black.

Please note: Processing time is 5 business days if all the requirements are met. You are advised NOT to purchase your air-ticket to visit South Africa until you have received your passport with visa. The South African Consulate-General and the South African High Commission do not take responsibility for applicants purchasing tickets prior to obtaining their visas. For visa processing we require only your flight itinerary.

A reminder that Canadian citizens (only) who wish to visit South Africa for tourism and holiday or business conference purposes only, for the period of 90 days or less are exempted from visa requirements. Engaging in any other activities without a valid visa endorsement will be regarded as unlawful.

  • Application form DHA-84. Signed and completed in black ink only. Do not use wite–out on forms or make alterations. Include your email address and telephone numbers.
  • Printed detailed flight itinerary (not just airport codes). No handwritten itinerary. (The exact transit hours to and from your destination are important to ensure the correct endorsement of your visa)
  • Two passport-size photos.
  • Applicant's current month bank statement reflecting total of three months to date bank statement record with account holder's name and available balance
  • Notarized financial support letter from parents/spouses and certified copies of the front page of their valid passports and bank statements of guarantor. Do not blot out the account number or names on the bank statement. Please print your bank statement at least a day before visiting our offices.
  • Signed Letter of invitation from your host or from the company you are going to. Letters from organization should be on the organization's letterhead, signed, stamped with designation, must reflect physical address (not P.O.Box).
    • Letters should state specific dates of intended stay and their responsibility in terms of the applicant's travel, like accommodation or expenses, if any. Any business trips applications should be accompanied by official letters from the company in South Africa and the company in Canada.
  • Valid confirmed proof of accommodation reservation for the full duration of stay if it is at a hotel
  • All personal / private invitations should be signed, have specific dates of length of stay, residential address and not to be in an email body. Personal invitation must be done and stamped at the police station.
  • Certified copy of host's South African identity documents or foreign passport and legal status in South Africa. Certified copy should not be older than 6 months;
  • Visa processing fee is CAN $ 79.00 (where applicable). Pay by money order or certified cheque or cash exact amount. The fee is non-refundable even if you do not meet the requirements.
  • Yellow fever certificate if the applicant will be traveling or intends traveling or traveled from or through the yellow fever endemic area. See Yellow Fever policy.
  • Proof of status in Canada such as copy of a permanent resident card, work permit or study permit;
  • Original passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of intended visit with at least THREE (3) unused blank visa pages;
  • All applicants 17 and under must include a long form birth certificate (unabridged birth certificate, parents certified valid passports copies and certified marriage certificate)
  • Express post Canada Post self-addressed envelope for the return of your passport;
  • In the case of any minor, applicant must submit proof of consent from both parents, the parents' identity documents, marriage or death certificate in the case where one of the parents is deceased, adoption papers and the applicant's unabridged birth certificate;
  • In the case of a school trip, the student under the age of 18 years will be required to submit a letter from the school indicating the appointed guardian by the school and a certified copy of his/her passport;
  • In the case of a minor, accompanied by one parent, a notarized letter of consent from the other parent who is not accompanying the applicant;
  • In the case of a minor, the particulars of the person in the Republic who will act as the applicant's guardian and confirmatory letter from such person; proof of consent for the intended stay from both parents or from the sole custody parent along with the proof of sole custody i.e. decree of divorce;
  • In the case of adoption, certified copies of adoption papers, full Birth Certificate of applicant and parents identity documents.
  • Any other documentation or proof that the visa official may deem necessary;

Please note: Section 11(2) is not a Work visa and should not be used for ongoing regular work activity. A section 11(2) visa shall not exceed 90 days and can only be extended/ reissued once in every calendar year. If the dates of the visa overlap into a new calendar year it will be calculated as part of the new calendar year.

Back to back applications for section 11(2) work visa within the same year by the same applicant at the Mission will no longer be accepted.

  • Collect the requirements under basic requirements. Each application must have its own supporting documents or we will deem it incomplete. We do not accept incomplete applications nor do we print supporting documents for applicants.
  • Complete Application form DHA-84 in black ink. Do not use wipe-out on forms or make alterations. Make sure this is signed and your email and working telephone number is there. Do not remove any pages from the application. Applications should be original ink not photocopies.
  • Section 11(2) applications must always include the two signed letters on official letterhead from the company/institution/entity/event abroad and in South Africa stating :
  • The exact dates of intended stay. (duration of the visit)
  • Purpose or necessity of work
  • Nature of work
  • Qualification and skills required for the work
  • Place of work
  • Proof of remuneration or stipend that the foreigner will receive from the South African employer
  • Certified identity copy and contact details of the prospective South African employer or relevant contact person from the host institution and the Position of the person in the company
  • Proof of company registration of the Business with CIPC
  • Proof of good standing with SARS
  • Include a copy of the certified ID/ passport and status of the person that signed the letter from South Africa as well as contact details and email. Certified documents should not be older than six months. Official Letters from South Africa can only be signed by citizens and Permanent resident.
Film and Modelling Assignments:
    Official letters: The company in South Africa and from the film Association in South Africa (CPA;SAASP) can be produced and the Consulate-General or the High Commission will in turn waive accommodation and bank statements requirements only. If you do not have the Association letter then all requirement must still be met.
  • CAN $79.00 processing fee. Pay by money order or certified cheque.
  • No personal cheques will be accepted

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